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Aviation Psychology Certificate

Aviation Psychology is a highly specific, and little known field of psychology.

Workers in this occupational area use their knowledge of human behavior to participate in a number of duties for airlines, airports, and government agencies.

What Aviation Psychologists Do?

An aviation psychologist is tasked with the very important job of treating emotional problems caused by the occupational related stress among pilots and flight crews. They are highly trained to meet with airborne personnel regularly to provide counseling services for addressing any problems, anxieties, or job-related stresses that they are dealing with.

In the event of terror threats, air crashes, a crew member’s death, equipment failures, and other calamities, aviation psychologists will specifically play a prominent role in counseling all workers involved to properly confront their trauma.

For research-oriented aviation psychologists, daily duties may involve designing flight decks, assessing plane safety features, investigating aviation crashes, and conducting studies related to airline safety.

In the Military, aviation psychologists actively provide clinical counseling to fighter pilots and their families who may be suffering from the ill-effects of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and other disorders brought about by the stress of service.

In general, aviation psychologists are responsible for ensuring the security and peace of mind for flight crew members who operate aircraft.

Thus, Aviation Psychologists typically deal with issues of phobias, anxiety, and stress that come about due to the nature of the work that airline personnel are subject to on a daily basis; pilots and crews can easily falter under the strain of their work. Aviation psychologists develop highly individualized treatment programs, make the necessary referrals for more advanced treatments when required, and most importantly, help for pilots to maintain their confidence so that they can continue to complete successful flights in a professional manner.   

Do you want to become an Aviation Psychologist?

If you would like to pursue a career in the field of Aviation Psychology, Meeting Matters is offering a certified course.

Duration: 03 months

Fee: 30,000 per month

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