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Explore The Power Of Single Session Therapy With The Meeting Matters

Let our team of expert psychologists provide you instant help for all your mental health concerns with our uniquely designed one-time therapy sessions. Now exclusively available in our Islamabad clinic and online.

Explore the Power of Single Session Therapy with the Meeting Matters

Let our team of expert psychologists provide you instant help for all your mental health concerns with our uniquely designed one-time therapy sessions. Now exclusively available in our Islamabad clinic and online.

How can you benefit from Single Session Therapy?

Saves Time

SST is highly time-efficient. It helps you seek timely support without committing for a long time. This is particularly beneficial for you if you have a time constraint.

Empowerment and Self Awareness

SST is aimed to empower you and enhance your self-dependency on emotional support.

Focused and Brief Session

A one session therapy requires you to be specific with your therapist. Clearly state your goals about what you’re expecting to gain from your session.


Due to its limited-time constraint, One-session therapy is highly accessible for everyone. SST might be a first step for you towards a healthier future.

50-Minutes Single Session Therapy With The Meeting Matters

At The Meeting Matters, we have a team of committed therapists and consultants who are eager to help you set realistic mental-health goals with Single Session Therapy and achieve them. Here is what you can expect to gain from a brief one-off therapy session:

Single Session Therapy

Improved Communication Skills

 If you struggle to communicate with people, find it difficult to make small talk, stutter when someone approaches you out of nowhere, or just want to enhance your communication skills, you can count on SST to help you.

Support For Anxiety Management

SST can help you cope with all your anxiety-related problems by helping you with methods to calm down your nerves in anxiety-causing situations.

Confidence Maximization

You can expect to build up your confidence with the help of a one-off  therapy session if you struggle with a general lack of confidence. 

Career Excellence

Looking for ways to excel in your career or are there work-related problems  that don’t let you relax? You can book a single-session therapy and l let your therapist help you cope with it

Relationship Problems

A one time therapy session can help you navigate through relationship difficulties. Don’t stay stuck with your relationship problems, let our team of experts help you outgrow them.

Drive Out The Fear Of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is one of the most common fears that may cause you to lag behind in your career or academic ventures. SST helps you in driving out this fear once and for all.

Increase Self-Esteem

SST gives you a chance to express yourself and feel heard which gives a boost to your confidence and increases your overall self esteem.

Cope With Dilemmas

SST can help you cope with the pain of a dilemma by helping you to let your emotions out and not box them up.

Need any help in areas other than what’s been mentioned above? don’t hesitate to count on us ‘cause The Meeting Matters is your one-stop solution for all your Mental health troubles. Visit our clinic in Islamabad or make an online consultation.  Discuss Now!

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  1.  We establish and maintain appropriate professional boundaries.

  2.  Our practitioners have a non-judgmental attitude which creates an atmosphere of acceptance and makes our clients openly express their thoughts and feelings.

 3.  Our practitioners frequently undertake training and development workshops to keep up-to-date with new and advanced practices.

 4 .  We provide utmost importance to our clients’  privacy. Our practitioners comply with all the regulatory measures of mental health privacy. 

Why Choose Single Session Therapy With The Meeting Matters:
At The Meeting Matters we always put customer satisfaction and convenience first. Our commitment to provide quality service has led us to win our customers’ trust and we strive to maintain and honor this trust forever. For your ease, we provide you the option of one time online therapy session where your whole experience from booking an appointment to taking the therapy session can be done exclusively online. Or you can make an in-person appointment at our Islamabad clinic at your convenience. We are dedicated to assisting our customers 24/7 with utmost care and love.

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    Our Clients Share Their
    Counseling Journey

    Hear from some of our clients about their experiences with our counseling services and how it has impacted their lives for the better.

    “The sessions were very helpful in terms of helping me recognize errors in my thought process and then offering me possible solutions for these errors. It definitely helped me.”

    By a Client 21 years old, student of MBBS, for stress and anxiety.

    “Comfortable clinic, quick responsiveness. Appointments are scheduled regularly and at appropriate times. The staff is very helpful and accommodating. The doctor is very helpful and provides useful guidance and feedback.”

    By a Client 20 years old, self-destructive behavior

    “When I last visited a counselor here, she quickly brought me out of a crisis period. And intelligently guided me toward a larger understanding of my patterns and a greater beginning of self-awareness. She is a great communicator, experienced, educated, and up to date in the field.”


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    One Session Therapy FAQS:

    Q1. How does single session therapy work?
    Ans. It begins with a Q/A form from your therapist which helps them get to know you better. Due to the time sensitive nature of SST, it is important to set clear and concise goals prior to your therapy.
    Q2. What if I require further therapy?
    Ans. If It is mutually decided between you and your therapist that you need to undertake further sessions, it’ll be arranged as per your convenience and availability of your therapist
    Q3. How often can I go for single session therapy?
    Ans. SST is aimed to resolve all your mental health concerns with a one time session but if there’s a need for more consultation, it’ll be communicated to you by your therapist.
    Q4. What's the difference between a one time therapy session and a regular therapy?
    Ans. A single session therapy is a one-of-its-kind approach which treats the first contact between a client and their therapist as if it may be the last. Whereas, traditional therapy methods may require frequent visits or consultation.