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Online Counselling via Skype

If you think you would benefit from seeing a psychologist, but know that you would struggle to fit a series of face-to-face sessions into your busy schedule, online counselling via Skype might be the best choice for you. Thanks to today’s technology, help can come right into your office or home. You can talk about your issues with your psychologist or counselor online, using a medium such as Skype.

While it might be hard at first to imagine how counselling approaches can take place online, without the therapist and client meeting in person; there are actually some tangible benefits to using Skype. Most obviously, your therapist can be accessible to you wherever in the world you live and work and there are rarely any issues with clients being late or having to cancel sessions at the last minute. Secondly, many distractions that can be troublesome are simply not there when you meet online. Who is going to worry about whether there will be traffic or long distance issues when they are attending therapy in the comfort of their own home?

Furthermore, many clients report that they find it much easier to concentrate on the matters at hand, this way.

If you feel that you might like to consult a psychologist/ or counselor online via skype, please get in touch with us at Meeting Matters by telephone on: 0321 5040002, 051- 2609277 in order to schedule your online sessions.
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