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I felt heard & understood here. The sessions are quite friendly and have helped me find the problems I am dealing with and a better way to solve them which have given a noticeable boost to my confidence and has made me think diversely. I also feel that my problem is gradually being resolved. Rather, it cannot be denied that it has given me a chance to understand my own self and emotions.
- By a teen-ager Client with the Issue of Stammering

I had adopted an obsession that was slowly and gradually killing me. I tried many pills and read about multiple mechanism online to overcome this obsession but failed. I started search for eminent psychologists and came to know about Meeting Matters on the internet. Now, I am in the middle of my therapy and I can confidently say that the therapy here with the Meeting Matters had overcome my obsession to 80%. They are very cooperative, resourceful and always come up with new ideas and techniques which are fruitful in tackling the inappropriate behavior. I could not be more thankful for the services they are rendering. THANK YOU MEETING MATTERS!!!!
- By a client with Compulsive-Behavior Issues

"When I last had visit a counselor here, she quickly brought me out of a crisis period. And intelligently guided me towards a larger understanding of my patterns and a greater beginning of self-awareness. She is a great communicator, experienced, educated and up to date in the field."
- By Annonymous (February, 2015)

"We approached Meeting Matters for family counselling as I had issues with my husband and in laws. I was pleasantly surprised that how did they change my moods and how I was able to excersize more control over my life. Me and my husband are now happier and much relaxed. Meeting Matters is one of its kind where we went after being disappointed by medical treatments of psychiatric drugs. They did not ask us to stop the medicine rather they themselves contacted our doctors and planned a tapering of medicines, which was very professional."
- By a Female Client: Marital Counseling (September, 2014)

"I went to Meeting Matters for my marital conflicts and problems. It was a very relaxing and rewarding experience. The counselling services are of international standard. They are genuine, realistic and do not indulge into unattainable claims as to how much a person will benefit from them. They equipped me with enough strength to change my own life and that of my family. I am much better and have started to live a new life with my family."
- By a Female Client: Marital Counseling (April, 2013)

"I had an excellent experience with MEETING MATTERS. Their lead counsellor Mr. Anjum was excellent in dealing with our marital problems and also with our child who had mood and behaviour problems. I strongly recommend MEETING MATTERS as one of the leading places for counselling and psychological intervention."
- By a Male Client: Marital Counseling (February, 2011)