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Psychological Assessments and Report Writing

Explaining and condensing often very complex issues to a format that is easy to understand and access, calls for a range of highly specialized skills and quality time and attention to details; and a range of professional tools as well as a distinct balance between empathy and objectivity.

Reports are usually requested by schools or other institutions, or even for personal reasons.

Our lead psychologist Mr. Naushad Anjum will communicate with you about your report requirements and will recommend an expert from our panel of practitioners to carry out the work; ensuring that the expert is highly experienced in the areas relating to your case and has a vast amount of experience in writing reports, for the matter in hand.

Report turnaround:

Approximately 2 weeks.
We can also produce reports within 3 days, in emergency cases.

Full Assessments
• 2 hour assessment
• Psychometrics
• Details of any diagnosis,
• The appropriate treatment recommended
• Prognosis with the correct treatment
• Prognosis if he/she did not access this treatment
• Experts opinion/ Recommendations

Short Assessments

Meeting Matters also offers a short assessment to individuals who do not need an extensive report. This assessment can be carried out face to face or online (via Skype).

This includes:
• Initial Consultation
• Short letter with feedback, any diagnosis if relevant and recommendations for treatment.

Note: Some separate charges will apply for report writing.