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Human Factors in Safety Industry

Human factors involves gathering information about human abilities, limitations, and other characteristics and applying it to tools, machines, systems, tasks, jobs, and environments to produce safe, comfortable, and effective human use.

In aviation, human factors is dedicated to better understanding how humans can most safely and efficiently be integrated with the technology. That understanding is then translated into design, training, policies, or procedures to help humans perform better.

Despite rapid gains in technology, humans are ultimately responsible for ensuring the success and safety of the aviation industry. They must continue to be knowledgeable, flexible, dedicated, and efficient while exercising good judgment.

At Meeting Matters, we have specialized training programs on Human Factors which involves applying scientific knowledge about the human body and mind, to better understand human capabilities and limitations so that there is the best possible fit between people and the systems in which they operate. Human factors knowledge can be used to reduce the likelihood of errors and at the same time build more error tolerant and therefore more resilient, systems.

Human factors are the social and personal skills (for example, communication and decision making) which complement technical skills, and are important for safe and efficient aviation.

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