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Children are nothing short of an enigma at the best of times, and this is entirely normal. However, there may come a time when you feel that your child would benefit from the input of a psychological service. Whilst it’s easy to believe that because children don’t have the same issues we have as adults, their concerns, worries and mental health issues are any less trivial than that of an adult. We must remember that a child, much like an adult, can’t just ‘grow out’ of psychological issues.

Meeting Matters has a highly specialized child & family service devoted to meeting your needs when it comes to giving your child and family the very best chances. We have spent years listened to the feedback from clients telling us what they really need from a child & family therapy service (i.e., flexibility, highly experienced therapist and measurable results) and we have tailored our services accordingly.

We aim to increase your child’s happiness; helping them to develop and grow emotionally, thus, leading to higher satisfaction for you within your family life.

Which Children May Benefit from Child Psychology?

Every case is different but often children who can benefit from our input are:

  • Children who aren’t responding well to a particular type of parenting approach: we can help by providing you with effective parenting strategies to help children with problematic behaviors.
  • Those experiencing behavioral or emotional issues
  • Children with learning difficulties
  • Children with depression and anxiety disorders such as OCD, trauma or social anxiety
  •  Children with developmental issues


There are a range of treatments available that are effective, all of which are designed to promote positive change, consistent with the goals you have for your child. Our focus is of course on the child, but we value the importance of useful, actionable feedback to parents who will naturally be inquisitive of any findings. Some of the techniques our therapist use when working with children are Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for children, Play therapy, Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing, Psychodynamic approaches and Mindfulness. However, no one approach fits all and the type of therapy is tailored around the individual needs of your child.

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