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TEL:051 2250384

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How Meeting Matters is different from other setups?

Meeting Matters offers a peaceful setting that is ‘family oriented’. The main quality of Meeting Matters is that, here, you will find an unconditional regard; warm acceptance without any fear of judgement. We have well-versed practitioners who will help to guide you towards the therapy that is most suitable for your specific needs, based on your specific issues and your 'own therapy goals'.

Where are you based?

At a peaceful location Clinic No . 1 First Floor, Pak Land Medical Centre, F-8 Markaz, Islamabad.

I would like to gain more information as I am unsure who to book in with, is this possible?

Yes, we can offer you a free 10 minutes telephone consultation. You may text us your request on whatsapp and a psychologist will call you back as soon as possible

I can’t afford your fees, can you offer a discount?

Yes, we can sometimes offer off-peak sessions at a lower cost based on your income. especially to students and senior citizens .

How long will treatment take?

It depends on the individual; some treatments only take a few weeks, other people attend for a year and a half if their difficulty is more deeply rooted. We decide this on the basis of the intensity of presenting problem/ issue.

Do you do home visits?


Can I speak to the therapist prior to booking in?

Please let us know the questions you have and we can ask the therapist to answer your questions before session.

I can’t get to the clinic for my appointment; can it be done via Skype?

No, we take appointments through landline and WhatsApp number that is mentioned on website.

Are Skype , Zoom or WhatsApp sessions inferior to face to face treatment?

Not at all.

Can I contact the clinic out of hours?

Yes, you can contact us 24/7 on this no: +923244704581, for TEL:051 2250384

Can I contact my therapist out of hours?

Yes, You can email any messages to or call us on 0324 4704581 and we will pass on the message to your therapist. Each practitioner works differently, so it’s best to check with them, if they are okay to be contacted directly.

Is there a waiting room?

Yes. We have a facility of waiting area.

I would like to change therapist, is this possible?

Yes, You can change your therapist anytime. In this case you have to inform us through WhatsApp or Email

My friend, family member or loved one needs psychological help urgently; can you speak to them please and force them to come in?

No, we can only offer appointments when the individual is willing to take sessions.

Is my treatment confidential?

Yes, At Meeting Matters, we offer the highest level of confidentiality to our clients.

Is it important that my therapist has the same religious beliefs as me?

No, This is not necessary as all of our therapists can work with clients of all religions and will respect your religious beliefs. Our therapists have worked with clients of all different cultures and religious beliefs so it’s likely they will have a good understanding of your religion already. However, if there are parts of your religion they do not have knowledge of, and if it’s relevant to your work, they will of course ask you questions to ensure to get a better understanding.

I would like to make a complaint, who do I contact?

Please email: