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Muhammad Naushad Anjum, MPhil Psy, MSc Psy

Chief Psychologist & Director Clinical Services

Mr. Muhammad Naushad Anjum has an MPhil Degree in Psychology and MSc in psychology as well. He is a CBT trainer and practitioner who did his certifications while he was in the UK. He is also the focal person for major Global EAP (Employee Assistant Program) providers. This has given him extensive experience in working with multinational companies like BBC, Nokia-Alcatel, United Nations divisions and various foreign nationals who were referred through EAP programs.

Naushad has a keen interest in the issues related to family difficulties that includes marriage counseling, pre-marriage counselling, child behavior issues, Teen agers and their difficulties that they face in the modern world. He believes that the society has to shift its paradigms as to how it will treat its young people otherwise the split driven by ageism can be a major tragedy. He also works with patients of OCD, Anxiety, Depression and Anger issues. Naushad is an adviser to various organizations on professional development of employees. He is a corporate trainer to enable people to secure their jobs and excel as employees. He is also a consultant on leadership development program for major airlines outside Pakistan.

He believes that financial stressors, gender identity issues, body shaming, bullying, all types of abuses and above all the media driven sense of ‘being-no-one’ brings people to substance abuse. While substance abuse will have other reasons like peer pressure but the issue needs to be resolved at the grass root levels. He believes that addicts can survive and excel even if they are unable to leave their core addiction just by reducing their extensive abuse of drugs.

He mostly lives out of Pakistan but visits every month to see his clients. He is also a regular online video therapists for those who like tele-counseling. He is a regular speaker in global conferences on mindfulness training, cognitive blocking in safety critical industries and decision-making model development. He is advisor to aviation industry including airlines and military aviation on Crew Resource Management and mental toughness during critical inflight situations. Naushad is also a certified Human Factor specialist in Aircraft Accident Investigations.

Naushad also serves those community members who come from a religious background. He has extensive knowledge of philosophy, theology and is a student of various religions. He believes that human race needs ‘people’ to handle psychological difficulties and not only medicines and psychologists.

Naushad loves to travel, spend time with his family and feels proud that he belongs to a village in Gujar Khan. He is member of British Psychological Society (BPS) and European Association of Aviation Psychology (EAAP), American Society of Counseling Psychology and Pakistan Psychological Association. He currently lives in United Arab Emirates from where he travels regularly to Pakistan for his appointments and professional commitments.